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Originally Posted by GuardianOfFreyj View Post
Anti-Tobacco lobbyists can't convince anyone to full out ban tobacco, so they work this way. This particular increase isn't too bad in terms of money, but I get the feeling it'll keep going up until no one can afford to smoke. What burns me is what this tax is going to. People keep saying "You people are costing the health care system money, so you deserve to pay for it. This tax is perfectly fair since it's going to fund health care." What they don't realize is that the tax money is going to give Children health insurance. Can someone explain why we should pay for other people's children to have heath coverage? If it were a general tax, I'd have no problem paying a small additional tax for it, but it targets smokers, a group who have NOTHING to do with children. Why not legalize other things (which they are talking about doing) and take the estimated $77 billion cash swing ($44bil not spent on enforcement and $33 bil in taxes) and pay for it?
It's anti-tobacco lobbyists trying to force us to stop smoking again... sigh.
Looking at this from an economic standpoint , the second to last sentence of this makes sense....not that I support it, but why fight a losing battle? taxing the shit out of tobacco to get people to stop smoking? Regardless of what they do there will still be people willing to pay the price. I think its b-s that they are targeting a select group of people to fund a program, some of which are so addicted they cant stop. For us hookah smokers no the tax increase is not that bad but its the principle of the tax that pisses me off. Just remember this the next time you go to vote for your congressmen and president.
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