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Default Re: Flavor Problems help

Dude we had this same problem for a couple weeks. Do this stop smoking!!!! Yes I know I will get bashed for that statement. But stop. Take a week off. Clean that Hookah even the hose. Let it sit a week. Yes as in 7 days. from there fire up a fresh bowl. I am willing to bet you have a taste buds issue. We had that happen at the shop. It was so bad. Nothing had a distinct taste. We stopped smoking a week. Yes it was a long week. We did not even start bowls for customers and explained why. Once they stopped laughing they felt bad for us and started their own bowls. After a week everyting was back to normal.

It could be you have bought old tobacco, it could be so many flavors in the hookah or you may have just worn the ole taste buds bland. But regardless of the matter if its the hookah or the buds you will have the problem solved. If you bought the tobaccos from a dealer thats not moving alot And yes many shops have stale tobaccos. Easiest way to tell that is if they have a large selection and move alot then it will more then likely not be that. But if they have say 1-20 flavors and are not in to their hookahs sales chances are they have old shisha. Old tobacco loses taste.

But take a week off. Try 1 bowl of what you have if its the same thing go to a differnt place get some fresh tobacco and load a bowl and probably enjoy the session.

Thanks, Neal
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