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Default Re: Orders before April 1st!!!

I think byron beat me, but here goes. Got it from NazarHookah(Cheapest Nakhla I could find) and MNHookah.

Nazar order:
1 ea. Nakhla Banana 250g $5.00
1 ea. Nakhla Cherry 250g $5.00
1 ea. Nakhla Vanilla 250g $5.00
1 ea. Nakhla Sheherazade ChocoMint 250g $7.50
1 ea. Nakhla Mint 250g $5.00
1 ea. Nakhla Coconut 250g $5.00
1 ea. Nakhla Strawberry 250g $5.00
1 ea. Nakhla Jasmine 250g $5.00
1 ea. Nakhla Mandarin 250g $5.00
1 ea. Nakhla Mixed Fruit 250g $5.00
1 ea. Nakhla Rose 250g $5.00

MNHookah Order:
1 x Small Chinese Funnel Bowl
- Add Glass Scalli Mod:
- Choose Funnel Color: Blue
1 x *The Havana 5 Pack *
- Select 5th 50g Havana Flavor: Havana 50g - Mint
- Select 4th 50g Havana Flavor: Havana 50g - Lemon & Mint
- Select 3rd 50g Havana Flavor: Havana 50g - Kiwi Strawberry
- Select 2nd 50g Havana Flavor: Havana 50g - Banana & Honey
- Select 1st 50g Havana Flavor: Havana 50g - Apricot

Also have a import order through "The Egyptian" for Nakhla Watermelon and Guava.

All in all, over 3 kilos of shisha and a phunnel bowl. (Got it for Hookah-happy cause I broke theirs )
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