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Default Re: April 1st tax

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
Well it's a dollar increase on all 250 grams. from what I can tell.

What I don't get is .... Do vendors have to add the tax to all of their stock they had on the floor or in stock at a warehouse even though it was bought before April 1? Because if they don't, then there should be no reason H-S is raising their prices at this moment. Mahir at Nazarhookah said he was buying a bunch of shisha to stock in order to "ride it out" as long as he could, and what I got from that was he stocked up on 'bacco before the tax so it could not be taxed.

What's the deal?
That actually makes a lot of sense. I was kinda thinking that too but I guess H-S just wants to make some extra money and not benefit all of its customers by riding it out like Mahir. He's such a chill guy from talking to him on AIM haha
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