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Default Re: Why doesn't Tangeries smoke good in Arizona?!?!?!

Sounds like a packing and heat problem to me. Franky it does not sound like it dried out and is unsmokable to me. Tangiers is not that fragile guys. Most shisha tobacco isn't. Tangiers is a touchy SOB when it comes to everything else but it is not likely to dry out and die that quickly. I know people taht will smoke half a bowl and then light it up the next day without repacking tangiers. If that does not kill the tobacco then leaving it out is not going to either.

What flavor is it?

Sometimes Tangiers just doesn't want to work. Both cocoa batches I have ever had never tasted good sadly while all the horchata, mimon and peach iced tea I ever got worked fine. Sometimes the batches are just screwy. It is a sad fact with Tangiers that you have to dea with once in a while.

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