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Default Re: Saharasmoke Unresponsive :-/

Originally Posted by chrisicool View Post
Thanks so much for this opportunity Sahara Smoke, you guys are doing a wonderful job. A POX on the naysayers!
They really are doing a great job, even compensating me for the vortex bowl I did not recieve in my 4th box, when they could have just blown me off because there giving us free stuff from the good of their hearts, and not to mention their wallets.
they have done nothing but been good to this hookah community.

And if your new to the contest, just give them time, they've been basically reliant on packaging since there was only about 10 active reviewers in the past 3 months, and now suddenly everyone wants in on it. Give them time, they've been working hard to keep you all happy and keeping their word.

Thank them, stop the complaints, nuff said.
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