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Default happy april fools day A7mad!!!LOL

01-04, 14:26] anna18p why did AF change grape? when it was working fine [01-04, 14:27] abu ronin AF changed to a new production facility in 2007 and tweeked some o thier flavors in the process. [01-04, 14:29] The Egyptian really? never knew they switched facilities ! [01-04, 14:29] abu ronin I know people [01-04, 14:31] abu ronin I have highly classified intel sources in the industry. that all I can legaly tell you. [01-04, 14:31] The Egyptian r u kidding? lol [01-04, 14:31] The Egyptian come up and share the knowledge, dude [01-04, 14:32] abu ronin If I told you I'd be puttin you and those around you in grave danger A7mad! [01-04, 14:33] The Egyptian LOL stop joking [01-04, 14:33] The Egyptian and spill the beans [01-04, 14:35] abu ronin I cant put my sources in danger A7mad. These people mean business! [01-04, 14:35] The Egyptian r u serious? [01-04, 14:35] abu ronin the more u know, the more danger your in! [01-04, 14:37] abu ronin I'm sorry. you've got a baby on the way. I won't be responsible for any problems. I've already told you too much!!

at this point I recieved a pm asking if I was serious!! LOL A7mad we luv ya' you gulible son of a bitch!!

Btw, I just read it somewhere!
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