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Default Re: Premium M'assel

Everybody will offer up a different "favorite" tobacco. I like SB, Layalina and AF myself, but other brands like Saraha (Banana & Milk), Pharoh's (Exotic Peach), even Al Waha (Afternine, Orange Cream and Kiwi) are all good as well. I've even recently gone back to an old favorite, Havana.

It all comes down to the person's choice of many things: the price tag (some are willing to pop $20, some aren't), the hassles of set-up and smoking (Tanigers is good, but takes pratice - SB can be heat picky, same with HH - AW & Nakhla are strong are hitters), others want flavor over buzz, and them even the flavors themselves (some brands have tons, while others may only have a dozen). Others may have something availble locally, while other people (like myself) have to go online to get anything but what we don't like.

All that being said, my personal favorites: AW, Nakhla, & AF, with AF the top contender.
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