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Default Al Fakher Cocos vs CH Nats (picture heavy)

After talking up the AF coconut coals I just got, arcane wanted a review. So, here we go.

Also, feel free to move this to the review section.


Just to give a comparison, I chose to use one AF coal and one CH nat.

I paid $8.95 for the box of 60 coals from Hookah Company, which works out to about 15 cents per coal.
CH comes in a box of 132 coals (according to John's site) which comes to 10 cents per coal.

The CH coals definately have a better consistancy as far as size goes. The AF coals are misshapen and vary slightly in size. To be fair, I picked through some of the coals and found one similar to the CH coal in size/shape.

For the rest of the review, AF ON THE LEFT, CH ON THE RIGHT.

2:30 minutes into lighting. Note that I do use a foil cover over the burner to keep the heat in. The CH nat is definitely lighting faster. The AF coals are labeled as "Easy Light", but they are obviously nats that need a little more than a lighter to do the trick.

3:45 min into lighting. CH is lite up quite a bit more.

Both coals are ready to go in 5 minutes. Through the lighting I did get a stench, but I will attribute the majority of it to the CH. when lighting the AF coals separately I get a must fainter coal smell then I usually do with the CH.
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