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Default Re: Who has the best cola flavor?

i asked this a while ago and got pointed towards AF and SB

i got AF cola and it was a bad batch, so im not going t waste my money/time on AF any more.

SB i got from my friend and tried it and it was ok, a bit light and spicy

Al waha was really really good cola flavor but i dont order from places that carry it

nakhla is good, it seemed light to me at first but after a few bowls of it ive grown to like it more.

HH had a decent one (i got it in my blend mix during the blend off) but im not a fan of the over all tastes and quality of HH, consistent yes but just dont think its high quality tobacco

so in short the most cola tasting shishas to be are AW and nakhla, AW is stronger a bit but nakhla is still very good, SB is good but not worth the money, and AF i have heard is good but i wont buy AF any more. and i dont like HH much over all but as a flavor its ok
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