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Default Re: Nammor/Razan/Caravan Hoses...

Bought a Nammor and the acrylic snapped when removing it from a hookah. Contacted H-S and it was replaced for free. Fixed it with some acrylic glue (cyanoacrylate). Now I have two nammor hoses. That first nammor that I fixed had further problems. The grommet came out and the hose fell apart at the handle where it connects to the hose. More glue and back to beautiful working order.

I bought a Razan from John at ******* Hookah with my Syrian and have never had a single issue.

The hose on the Razan seems more rigid where the nammors are more free flowing. the Razan has a much tighter fit between the hose and mouth piece. difficult to remove so i never do.

I love all of tehm and use them daily. Once I fixed the issues with the nammor it works perfectly. It turns out it was an early production and essentially just a lemon. But then again I can fix anything.
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