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Default Re: Flavor Problems help

Originally Posted by hookahMaster22
It could possibly be your charcoal. If you are using the quick light stuff. STOP!!! This charcoal almost always alters the flavor of the smoke. I suggest using any kind of charcoal other than the quick lighting kind. Also be sure that your charcoal is completely lit. The best way to tell is if it is completely covered in white ash.
You made good valid points... But I have to disagree with this one... I've been using quicklight charcoals since day one that I started smoking over three years ago. And I get TONS of flavor. Literally TONS of flavor. The local hookah lounge by my house has also always used quicklights for their customers. And the sessions there are always top notch with pronounced flavor. As long as he sticks to Three Kings or Golden Coals, he'll be capable of having TONS of flavor. Of course if he uses some crappy quicklights, then yeah, he might not get flavor.

And I've also found that Golden coals don't affect flavor one bit throughout the session. Three Kings might have a barely noticeable chemical hint in the sesssion, but it's nothing to cry about...
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