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Default Re: Coal Opinions From Everybody!?

What are some of the brands you have tried?
I've used 3 Kings, Sultan Japanese Tabs, Goldens (33m & 40m), 3 King knock-offs, Starbuzz Natural Coal, Romman Lemon Wood Natural Coal, Smiley Coconut Coals, Dynimite Fingers, Exotica Fingers, and Ankla QL's.

What ones were outstanding! What ones flopped?
The best so far in QL form have been Goldens (either size) and Ankla's. I love pre-formed coal fingers - Dynimites are good, Exotica's take the cake hands down.

I've only used 1 brand of JST, but after experiementing with other types, I probably won't bother trying other brands. I like natural coals, but dislike the shape/forms they come in and the difficultly they can be in using them. Smiley coals work nice, but suffer the same issue of shape as naturals, plus i never get to reuse them, so they are more of a waaste, then helpful. The 3 King's knock-off's ruined my like of most QL's, but Goldens. I'll only use 3K's if I can't find anything (then I rather go without).

What ones will you use again??!?
Golden QL's (33m or 40m), Ankla QL's and Exotica's. I want to try a few more brands, namely Nours, Starlites and Golden's Japanese Tabs, but I'm happy with the brands I've found so far.
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