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Originally Posted by ************* View Post
that was entertaining, this guy has a hard time learning, he is basically trying to eiether a) scam some people out of their money or B)sell product when he's not in business. And ticking me off while I'm having to bite my lip until the mods take care of him which I knew they would. I just like how he was banned, then came back and said here's my new account since i was banned, lmaorolf, ok, just so i don't offend anyone with profanity I will say it in his language just so that our good friend and member TheEgyptian can get a laugh and there will be others who will understand, maybe even Aburonin since he's learning, lak ayri bil hal hmar!

actually that guy made me laugh today

His English and all-caps post was horrific.

He assumed people would jump on his offer to sell 100gs of Mizo for $5. The poor thing doesn't know that Mizo sells - pre-tax rise - for anywhere between $5 and $7 for 250g, so even if Mizo went up double, it would be $12 average for 250g in the US, with his shipping it would be even more

The icing on the cake is his assumption that people would send their hard-earned cash halfway across the globe to a complete stranger with no official business.

The cherry on top of the icing, is the second account he made.