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Default Re: Looking at a 32" Queen...

BEST HOOKAH IVE HAD! I've had 4 now, and this is my favorite. Unfortunately, my room mate broke the water base. I'm looking desperately to replace it. I bought another one after this one broke, but none i buy or smoke is as good. I paid 160 for mine so this is definitely a deal.

Don't freak out that I said that it was broken, it's very sturdy. Mine broke because a full can of coke was thrown at it.

My advice is to get the Lilac colored one. It's not actually purple, it's more clear with blue designs. The reason I recommend this color is because with the darker colors, the lights underneath don't work as well, but if you are not too interested in the lights, no problem.

I also like that you don't have to plug the holes when you smoke this, and it can be smoked easily by yourself.

The only con I have to this hookah is that you will need to buy extra batteries for the light because it dies fast, but that's pretty much all light up hookahs. Also, you need 2 of the 1" round coals.

Good luck and yes, this hookah is a great one. I wouldn't recommend any other one. If I didn't like it, there is no way that I would be searching so heard for a replacement water base.

Happy hookah!
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