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Default I had an amazing night

So i just had one of the most incredible nights. So, i was at a card tourney, i did terribly, so i left early and went to a neighboring city to meet this girl.

We drive up into the hills to a cool lookout over the bright city lights and the stary sky.I suprise her with a hookah session (her first), I had pre-packed a vortex bowl with hookah-hookah lemonaid, threw some CH QLs in, my tongs, a 2 liter of water for the base. It was a bit chilly, but good no less. About 20 minutes in, here comes the po-po. The cop was way chill, he just asked what we were smoking, and ran our ID. He asked me about my hookah, took a pic to show his buddies, and like i said earlier was super chill.

We finished the bowl.Then headed to an all-night diner for some snackage and convo before we relocated once again to her place for a movie and such.

I am pretty friggin thrilled right now, but i am gonna hit the hay, as it is only 4.5 hours til i have to get up for work, but i thought i would share my experience with you guys.
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