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Default Re: Nicotine and Tar in shisha...

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
its not burned though, same idea with charcoal, you do not burn the wood to make charcoal, you heat it to the point where all the volatile substances in it will off gas. look at a cig, western pipe, or cigar and look at what is left over, gray light ash and not much of it where as in a hookah you have the same amount of material there just dry

if you put a piece of paper in a 425*F container it would change and probably char some but it would not catch fire since its flash point is 451. as long as the heat is kept below the flash points of the items in the shisha you are not burning it, just steaming/ off gassing stuff out of it

now this is the type of explanation I wanted.. Excellent I understand the difference now actually.. Thank you matt, as always you explain things good and theoretical
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