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Default Re: wow, exploding coal

Originally Posted by ************* View Post
i've dropped them 3 feet from the ground and not explode
ya, it took me a min to realize what happened since i hadnt had any issue unless they were the size of a large pea and at that point it is expected.

.0015625%,just from my use, is how many ive had issues with, and thats a damn good rate which i know is much better than that.

then my roommate was dumb enough to ask me this morning "what happened to your little rug" (i got a small rug to put down for coal spills). i really wanted to be like "what the hell do you think, i burned it, thats what its there for so your pos rug doesnt get burned any more" (probably doesnt help ive wanted to smack this kid up side the head for not doing anything he needs to do here and keeps asking favors of me with out even a thankyou </rant> sorry bout that
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