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Default Re: FDA set to regulate tobacco

i like the idea of knowing what is in all tobacco products, but the fda is useless as of now the way it is set up.

hopefully if it works cig companies (PM included) will stop putting in so many chemicals and using paper soaked in tobacco juices as 50% of the tobacco.

i think it will also be good since people are allergic to stuff or cannot take things into their bodes and this will answer the questions of what is really in there (one of the questions i keep hearing is if there is gluten in any tobacco products or not from some people i know with celiac disease).

shisha i dont think will change since the ingredients are pretty much there on all the packages, maybe a specific on flavor and preservatives but not a huge change.

and as to the 9bucks a pack where the hell are they looking, maybe its because i can drive to the tobacco factories in a few mins but a pack is less than 5 bucks here, i know up in MA when my friend was stationed there stuff was really high like 8 bucks for a can of dip that was 4.50 here

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