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Default Re: is there supposed to be ash buildup/particles in the hose?

Originally Posted by boomhauer
only problem with putting water in it is if you do not have a washable hose the metal coil inside will rust. what you can do also is throw rubbing alcohol through it and then then dry it with an air compressor.
+1 on that!

also greenboarder89, make sure that you're not possibly inhaling rust... I had this happen to me recently, and as you can problaby guess, it was not pleasant at all. A lot of times, what may feel or seem as "hookah particles" may in fact be rust from the inner coils of the hose rusting and breaking away when you take a hit... A good way to test for this is: Get a cup of water and point one end of the hose into it and blow as hard as you can. The particles will shoot into the water revealing what they are (the rust pieces will sink to the bottom). If you take some out with your finger and it smeers into a brownish rust like color, then you know its rust...You can also smell it. I've noticed that rust has a certain smell to it...
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