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Originally Posted by FirePro84 View Post
i was there.....the guy at the counter said that you guys had been and gone and that John hadn't showed up yet.

i ended up visiting the Dream shop in the same strip mall and picking up a tin of SB Code 69, SB Pink, 5 different flavors of the new "cheap starbuzz" (cant remember the name off the top of my head), some Golden Layalina, and some 3 kings coals....

As i was driving back to Biola i saw another hookah shop so i decided to stop in. It was called World Smoke Shop and the guy who was in there was awesome. they had most of the Mya Crystal hookahs and a bunch of KM's and various other smaller brands. Freom what he was saying, I guess he's the owner of Layalina USA and he stocks the whole layalina and golden layalina lines along with starbuzz, al ajad, al faker, the wierd "gems" tobacco, and some others. both the places i went had the ******* Hookah coals in stock though, which i thought was neat...i see John's getting around, lol.

so anyway, i ended up walking out with a KM tri-metal with a nice black KM hose for a really good deal...i gotta come to SoCal more often...

when's the next one?
wut time did u go at?

and where was this shop located at?
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