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Default Re: Lets try to use the right words

Since I have been smoking,I have called the tobacco shisha.
Learning about where Hookahs(Argileh,Lula,Ghelyoon,Chillim,Huqqa) originate, also as for Shisha(tobamel,molasses,masal,,tombak,jurak)has been part of the HOOKAH PRO experience.So I have come to accept any of those names in respect of where they come from.
So when we discuss these items on HOOKAH PRO,I don't get confused,I know what we are talking about,after all thats what HOOKAH PRO is about,right"Learning hookah".
If there was more acceptance in the world there would be more peace.As we all know when one culture forces another culture to do something.Something happens and it's called war.
I guess what I am saying is,there are alot of langauges out there and they should all be accepted.
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