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Default Re: A Honest Look at Ebay

Originally Posted by Zerodynamic
Hrm... I was VERY close to picking up a qt for Genuine Hookahs off of ebay. After hearing about the feedback and the lousy customer service, needless to say I would rather pick mine up from say MNH or HC.
Good call ZD. That guy at GH rips off people all the time. I can't understand why you'd want a QT but what ever you'd want you can do much better then GH. I think that bith MNH and HC are good good companies but i'd like suggest that you look into the brass cored Syrians that Hookah ETC has. I got one for an excellent price a few months back and it's awesome.

Anyway, I think that the bottom line line is that ebay is not a place to buy any tobacco products and as far as narghiles go it's very risky. I think everyone is far better staying with retailers that support this forum.
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