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Originally Posted by kingmaddog
Originally Posted by abu ronin
Originally Posted by kingmaddog
Originally Posted by ZenSilk
I think that Al Fakher is for sure the most reliable, it is rare to get a bad batch of AF. All they need is a Vanilla flavor and i would be completely head over heels for that brand. 8)
I bought AF one time, I got a 250g tub of grape, and all I have to say is that it was a bad batch. Tasted and smelled like ketchup. Now I'm afraid to buy AF again.
there are alot of problems with counterfiet af on the market. check for the new security tape on the package(all sizes).It should have the af insignia right on the tear strip. If it only has the red strip than it's fake or at least abit dated. Also, if there is not a space between the Al and the Fakher, it's counterfiet. Pick up a 50g sample of the real grape and you shouldn't be dissapointed. Af grape is there signature brand and is considered one of the best white grapes on the market.
I had the real grape, new package and everything. There has been problems of bad batches of grape going around. I know for sure that mine was the real deal. It had the insignia on the tearstrip and the new resealable pouch inside, it also had a date of Aug 2007 on the tub. If you feel that I had a fake send a sample of the real stuff.
sounds like you got a bad batch. I'm suprised. AF is one of the most consistent brands I've had. next time I pick up some grape I'll gladly send you a sample.
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