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Default Re: WTF? Another Evil Looking Hookah

Originally Posted by uglybiker View Post
Reminds me of a side business my brother had a few years ago making customized motorcycle mirrors. He'd pull out the glass, etch a design on the back of the mirror and mount a red LED in the housing with a wire that rand down to the bike's turnsignals; so that when you hit a turnsignal, the design would light up.
Almost all of his cusomers were RUBs with cookie-cutter Harleys, so he made lots of

flaming skulls
vampire skulls
flaming vampire skulls.

My brother rides Hondas.
i live in milwaukee so i see this crap everywhere, the RUBs with their HD "costume" if it says HD they buy it. my last project was a yamaha xs650, next will be either another xs650, or a cb750, but I really want a pre-unit triumph, or maybe another 75 or older trumpet, but everybody here thinks old brit is worth at least 5k.

sorry, back to the topic at hand...
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