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Default Re: is there supposed to be ash buildup/particles in the hose?

Originally Posted by greenboarder89
i think it is rust, does that mean i needa new hose?
Unless you enjoy the idea of your lungs and throat receiving rust, then yeah, I'd say you need a new hose... If you don't have money for a hookah hose right away, an alternative can be to go to your local hardware store ie. Home Depot, Lowe's etc. and buy x amount of clear vinly tubing (non toxic, used for food and water). It's only $4.00 This works just as good, if not better, than most hookah hoses on the market.

It doesn't affect the flavor in a negative way. All you get is pure flavor and smoke. And it's also good that you can wash it out with no problems since it's vinyl tubing (duh)...but yeah, that's a quick fix for ya. I've used this in the past and actually I'm using it now for the time being since I won't have money till after the holidays to buy hookah crap (read: Nammor Hose)... I'm in the same position you are, my Mya hose just rusted on me last week...Happy Smoking!
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