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Default Re: Better Hookah, or Better Hoses?

Honestly, I would say just get a good small one first. Learn how to pack bowls and manage heat and find your flavors that you enjoy. Spend the money on other things, because I'm guessing at first, you're gonna want to try a lot of different flavors and bowls. I know has a deal where you get a free mini hookah from mya if you spend $100. I got it as my first one and it's awesome. It's a nice little hookah you can enjoy by yourself and because it's so small it's easy to clean and definitely takes up a lot less space and I'm sure you'll see reviews that people really like the thing, the only problem is the base grommet and the purging, but there's ways to fix the purging. After that, definitely go out and try bigger hookahs. I picked up a KM at a local shop and got a nice Razan Sultan hose from ********** and it's awesome. But if you don't know how to pack a bowl and manage your heat or even have any good flavors to smoke, it doesn't matter how nice your rig is, it's still gonna suck. So yeah, sorry for the long-winded post, just thought I'd tell what I learned.
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