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Default Re: A Honest Look at Ebay

remarkable, the only two hookah related items I bought from ebay worked out - my very first pipe and my latest pipe. both very good deals and as promised. I knew from long PayPal use that I couldn't get tobacco stuff, so always looked elsewhere. I also know Paypal is as picky with it's policies as it wants - more so now that it's owned by Ebay.

But, I do understand about Ebay... I've both bought and sold there and boy do I have some stories to tell... including one prime unmenchtionable idiot that bought and paid for an item, then complained - threatened to sue me if I didn't return their money ASAP or if I emailed them again. WTHeck? All over a $10 video game?!

Ebay, both the best and worst place on earth to buy/sell things.
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