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Default Re: Lets try to use the right words

lol, i just see it as jargon of the community, many things are wrong names technically, like how people call anti-roll/anti-sway bars "sway bars", or how brits call a flash light a torch, in glass working there is a tool called a "lathe" but it is like a bench grinder in the operation and no where near a lathe. technically they are misnomers but with in communities of technical info/hobby groups/etc there are many of these.

i understand the translated meaning of it but a small portion of hookah smokers use it for the pipe or for the tobacco (heck for either it is a misnomer since it means glass and most of the pipe isnt glass), there are like what 5-6 generally used names for a hookah, and 3 names for the moassel/shisha style of tobacco along with the 2-3 other types/names of tobacco.

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