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Default Re: HC KM 4 Hose?

Originally Posted by chsknight View Post
omg not everyone goes for the best bang for there buck
if that were the case then there would be no such thing as brand names
because everyone would just by all the generic stuff that works just as good but
at a far less cost

Brother, some of us can't afford a lung fighting arena like that KM. People should go for the best bang for their buck. I mean, with the economy being so shitty, that's the best idea in my eyes. When it comes to hookah, spend your money on shisha, not rigs. If you have a decent rig, get top shelf shisha. Don't settle for nasty shit in a nice rig, that's just ridiculous. I go for cheap rigs and pricey shisha most of the time. Although my Sheecool may not be from Egypt, I believe it smokes rather well when I throw some Nakhla Sweet Melon in it!

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