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Default Re: Better Hookah, or Better Hoses?

i have one of those mya minis that HS is giving away with the 100 buck order or what ever, its a good little rig, not as smooth as my larger hookah even with great heat management but its fine, you probably wont notice the difference. they can be had on ebay NIB for 25 bucks shipped though, so might be a way to get one also.

as to which is better, the difference between most crappy hookahs and most good hookahs is how long they will last but the quality is much higher for just a bit more money so i would probably suggest get a good rig and you can upgrade the hose later, any way your paying 10-22 bucks now per 250 of tobacco is 15-20 for a nammor or razan that much?

i think the base size (above water line) and smallest diameter that is sustained for very long are what makes a hookah easy to draw from or not. a standard hose will be ok for a while but you will want to upgrade eventually, KM hose are supposed to be very wide gauge though similar to a razan/nammor
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