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Default Re: Better Hookah, or Better Hoses?

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
we get these a lot dont worry.

truth of the matter is, hoses are a lot cheaper than hookahs. get a good pipe, if the hose isnt good, get another hose.

Most people here will tell you to get a KM or maybe a syrian.

I will tell you to definately get a Syrian, or maybe a km or a MZ.

if you want something cheap and small and something thatll do the job for now, consider a mya qt or a mya bambino.

check the vendor forums for deals.

shop for the style you want, not what people tell you. i truely believe syrian brass hookahs smoke better than kms, however kms smoke quite well, some are even relatively attractive. its all on you, if you are confused about the suggestions, just use the forum search feature and you will see 1000x of discussions on specific hookahs.

as for syrian brass to consider: alfakheronline's line of alfakher hookahs (which are made by nour).

********** has a great assortment of kms

thehookah has a lot of kms and a few nours
thehookahstore has some kms and a few nours
hookahcompany has a variety of hookahs including kms and maybe a nour
saharasmoke/hookahhookah carry their own line of hookahs

most hookahstores sell mya's and other chinese hookahs.

edit: this may be my standard reply.
THS doesn't carry KMs at present and I don't think ever has; otherwise good post ^_^
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