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Default Re: 12" MYA QT Hookah + My 1st post on Hookah Pro!

Originally Posted by yessamassa View Post
Since the vase is so small to begin with...should I add ice to the water as well (i mean is there room for it?) If there is room; how much ice can/should I add?

Also, about how far up should I fill the water past the stem? Oh and if JillyIsJustKidding happens to not see this post; can you answer my coal question?

I currently use a mya QT and am in love with it. Every single time I smoke, I put about 4-8 cubes of ice in it (my fridge produces ice that can easily fit into the base) And I fill the water almost to where the base becomes much smaller, about filling it up.

I use 3 kings self lighting coals, and just as said earlier, 1 big one without a windcover, or 1 small with one.

Hope this helps.
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