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Default Re: Homemade hookah tobacco ???

shisha is actually the hookah. They stand for the same thing, just American ppl call the tobacco shisha and the actuall device hookah. The only correct word for shisha tobacco is mu'ssel

Anyway.. back on topic. I made some homemade tobacco aswell. But the only 2 batches the came  out good and tasty were chocholate and strawberry and these were using actuall food flavouring products. Its basically 2 things. Essensces and Flavourings. One is really sour but has a strong scent and the otherone smells like sugarwater and offers the taste. I used both to make chocholate and it came out really good. The room smelled like chocholate for a few hours and also tasted like eating chocholate.
Now strawberry, i only found strawberry escence and i made it using that only. It smelled a bit arfificial but it was really strawberry. It tasted a bit sour tho but it was good anw

I hope i 've help :P
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