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Default Re: How harmful is smoking hookah?

Originally Posted by Coldgr33ntea View Post
Well, i think this study is much much more accurate than the previous ones tested. But without seeing which coals used could be a huge difference in the CO measurement. Some people on our forums tested this theselves and found differences of the CO content depending on which coal was used. Expecially if they used a Quicklight and put it on while it was still lighting or if it was still black. Although, i doubt a fully lit natural coal (expecially coconaras) will eliminate the CO content, it will drastically decrease it if the coal is completely cooked. Good study, please keep us updated with more results from these tests.
ya i remember some one using a co detector that had a measurement on it (i assume PPM) and the coco type coals were about 30ish PPM where as exotics where able to set off the detector which beeps at 100

i do agree this study is better than the others but i also agree that i we need to see the other info to it

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