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Default Re: 12" MYA QT Hookah + My 1st post on Hookah Pro!

well i added a qt to the arsinal after owning one very crappy chineese hookah then steped right in to the KM's and then thought it was time to get somthing to travel with but boy i was suprised on how well it smoked after owning 5 KM's now i thought it wouldnt be that great and i was so wrong. its usually my every day smoker now. I love it and wish it was my first purchase. its great cause every thing aftermarket will work with it and you can make it a 2 hose if you wish. The only con to me is the bowl i actually like it for hookah hookah but i spoiled my self with many phunnel bowls now. The bowl tends to retain flavor but most internally unglazed bowls do. I would say watch your water level and get a washable hose of some sorts and maby exparement with some bowls all in all its a awsome hookah and i think every one should have one in there arsinal.
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