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Default Re: Looking to add to my collection

If your still looking around for your next purchase I'd like to make a few suggestions.

First, the most important thing to look for is build quality which is damn hard to judge on the internet. If you want some specific guidelines Iíll post them. If your not sure about judging welds, plating, glass construction, tightness of fit and other indicators of build quality youíre left with going with a few well established brands which Iíll mention shortly.

Before I go on, I strongly recommend against Chinese hookah in part because I abhor the use of child and slave labour, the suppression of unions and supporting neo-totalitarianism with your hard earned money. When you buy a narghile you should be getting something that will last you a great many years and frankly, Mya products have always been a disappointment to me as far as quality of smoke and long term durability goes. Also, Iíve heard far to many people complain about Mya customer service to want to deal with them again.

Instead, I suggest buying a well made Syrian or Egyptian rig because youíll be getting something made by people that know and understand what this hobby is all about and youíll be helping people make a better life for themselves by providing you with a nicely crafted object youíll take pride in owning and using.

In terms of Egyptian rigs Iíd suggest the El Ashry brand which has great quality and is in your price range. Iíve yet to hear anything but praise for this brand and I use one myself. A second option is Khalel Mamoun which makes wonderful stuff although leather hoses are not something Iíd recommend so if you get the KM buy Smileyís washable hose and use it instead.

As far as Syrian narhgiles Smiley is widely regarded as a good source although Iíve not bought from him personally he's a good man worthy of support to my mind. I can also hardily recommend my friend Jimmy Zaid at Hookah Etc. As a great source for inexpensive, brass cored narghiles from Syria that fantastic smoking pleasure. His service is first rate and he has some very nice stuff not on his site so drop him a line. Lastly, if your able to swing a bit more (about 90 USD) I know the people over at Arabica Souk whose narghiles are so beautiful and functional youíd cry with joy if you had one. If your interested drop me a line and Iíll tell you how to get in touch with them. Iíll post some stuff about them and a review next week.

If you have any questions just ask.

Oh, by the way, I have no business connection with any of the companies I mentioned other then as a customer.
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