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Default Martello and Mong get together for a 5.5 hour hookah session!

We ended up smoking 5 flavors, well over 100 grams of shisha in all.
Mong and I got our asses handed to in Tekken by one of my roommates who also joined up in Hookah as well.

We smoked -
AF Grape (always a crowd pleaser)
AF Honey (great buzz but doesnít taste anything like honey haha)
HH Hazelnut (everyone else liked it more then I did but it was pretty ok)
NK Two Apples (one of my personal favs and my roommates go to shisha)

And used over 3 rolls of 3 Kingís QLs.

Almost everything was out of my med phunnel with a mod. The NK two Apples we used a mod bowl and a foil ring and my jerry rigged Arizona can wind cover.

We also were drinking a Barley Wine called BLITHERING IDIOT. If you havenít had it, well then I just feel bad for you haha,.

Anyway it was a great time, just wanted to share that with you guys.
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