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Default Re: Better Hookah, or Better Hoses?

Definitely a better hookah is what you want. I don't have any personal problems with Mya hookahs, other than the chamber design, and I think they are the sturdiest rigs available and if you take care of them they will last you an untold amount of time. The finish on those things basically invincible!

Here's what I always say:

Mya: You want a Mya if you will be moving the hookah around a lot, traveling with it, and smoking with multiple people. With lots of people, the hookah is going to tip, it's inevitable. The hoses that come with the Mya are great, I personally use Mya hoses (other than my Mod hose). You can also throw the stem of a Mya in the dishwasher. All the parts (other than the center stem) clean well with just water.

KM/Syrian: You want one of these if your sessions are going to be very relaxed with some friends or solo. These aren't good party hookahs at all. If you choose to go with one of these, you enter into a brand new debate.
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