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Default Re: Better Hookah, or Better Hoses?

i bought the MYA mini acrylic ( the one that they are giving away for 100 order on it is a great hookah, but note that I have never smoked from a KM, Nour, or MZ. Now what I would like to say (note again that I have no prior experience with them) is that a MZ may be a great hookah choice because they are somewhat cheaper then KMs but I have heard nothing but good from owners. The hose, eh, id get that later on mainly because you dont know what flavors you are gonna be pleased with, if you like cinnamon , mint, or any other stronger flavors then you may want to purchase a seperate hose just for that. I believe MZ's come with large hoses also from **********. Wow long post, well heres my conclusion : If you enjoy only fruity flavors (for example) you should probably be good with a single unwashable hose that most good hookahs come with. A MYA will be suitable if you dont mind purge modding it of course.. but that is a five minute project. They also are very sturdy hookahs so you dont have to worry about them breaking like other chinese hookahs. Also note that , at least for me, the washable hoses do not lose their flavors like one would expect, i still get a wide array of flavors after over an hour of washing my Nammor.
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