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Default Re: KM Vs Syrian (Nour) Thread

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
That's because there has been a cease fire. Let me remind you guys that the nour that Bradedup got was shitty in comparison to the one I got before him. If you doubt me, ask Bigpoppa, for I sold it to him.

As for the video, I reviewed the same hookahs and got different results a few weeks before he made those:

Part 1

Part 2

Now, much later I reviewed my AF rig, WHICH IS THE SAME STEM FROM BEFORE BUT IN 2 TONES, now I show you how it compares to the NOUR and the KM. I mention:
Build quality
And guage size (remember the smallest section determines the gauge)

AF rig


Bradedup got screwed over on his camila. thats what seems to be apparent, however the AF rigs, which are basically my exact same nour stem i sold to bigpoppa and his nour stem, are consistent in quality.

In summation, there is no comparison, Syrian Brass > KM

Also a few other things to keep in mind;

The KM photolinger has is of lower quality, it is not a brass cored KM.

The nour I compared was purchased was newer than photolingers and therefore MAY be more indicative of CURRENT nour quality. (pure speculation there).

As to the AF hookahs, I cannot comment, but all signs point to amazing.

The other thing about gauge, is not necessarily true; fluid mechanics/aerodynamics are complicated and so a choke (the narrowest part on a hookah) does not necessarily mean that it will restrict the hookah as much as if the whole hookah was that gauge. You can see this experimentally, just by swapping hoses you see by using a wide gauge hose the draw is increased, even if your hose wasn't the most restrictive part of the hookah. The things that affect draw isn't just the ONE spot where it is most narrow...its more like a complicated average of a lot of things, with a lot of formulas that nobody is going to figure out.

Haha, I always feel like I'm having a war with PL.
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