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Default Re: KM Vs Syrian (Nour) Thread

Let see here.
I've only smoked out of one Nour, and thats the one I own, And I have smoked out of Several KM's, including the ones owned by HookahPro Members (thank you thedreamender)
And honestly, Weighting My Nour and the 5 KM's I've smoked out of before (Chrisicool's Heart of the Lion, two different KM ices, A KM Blue Double Pear, and KM Exotica)
I have to say my small Syrian by far surpasses it in engineering.

Yes I love the way a KM draws, no arguement there. But I also Love the clean draw of my Nour.

The vase of my Nour could have been handled better in shipment since it did have several chips. Also, the purge valve on the KM's if you keep the old bead in there, it tarnishes EASILY.
The bead in my Nour purge, NOTHING, still looks brand new.

Oh and one more thing.

If i were to take a KM stem and bend it over my knee, it would break.
Nour, I'd be going to the hospital for a broken thigh bone. You could esily kill someone with a Syrian Stem.

This being said. (and I am trying to give KM's a little justice here) The KM's are a bigger gauge from what I've seen, but you know what, from my experiences IT DOESN'T MATTER!
And one more thing, I love how my ash tray on my Nour doesn't rattle and it's so sturdy I could probably Use it as an axle on a car.

In the end, lets get A Syrian stem and a KM stem and have a sword fight, who do you think would win?
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