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Default Re: Smoking Does Not Cause Cancer! (A Classic Scientific Article)

Originally Posted by rewt_hawaii
smoking doesnt cause cancer? indeed it does

my mother and grandmother both died of cancer in the past few years, lifetime smokers.

have you ever lost a loved one to cancer caused by smoking? pray it never happens
Obviously everyone knows of people that smoked cigarettes for several decades and latter contracted cancer and died. No one will say that smoking cigarettes carries zero risk to your health. A point that must be made is that risk factors and causality are not the same and that numerous, inter-dependent variables determine the risk factor of any given activity. Understanding those terms and the methods used to determine them allows one to make informed opinions. Ascribing generalized conclusions to anecdotal evidence is understandable but fallacious.

What you should do is actually read the article and understand that what we are talking about is risk factors that are far less then what is believed and that causality is far less certain then the prohibitionists claim. In fact, a great deal of the anti-tobacco research is openly biased, poorly conceived in methodological terms but promoted nonetheless for financial and ideological reasons while studies contradicting the officially sanctioned position are ignored and de-funded.

I think Iíll need to post more stuff on these issues although it seems that a major problem is getting people to actually consider what is being stated rather then assuming anecdotal evidence and officially sanctioned opinion portrayed as science is somehow beyond reasoned objection.
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