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Default Doing what we do best.

As titled we did tonigt what we do best here.

We just had a friend we have not seen in over 7 years come in from Iraq. Yes that hot sandy place where they smoke a crap load of hookah and fight with us. Anyways The old friend came in to town yesterday, said Hi to family and ended up here all day long. I asked him "well dude you were in Iraq over 2 freaking years between all the tours how many times did you smoke hookah?" His respoce was suprising. "None, It just did not interest me". Now this is the same guy that went in to markets and shot pics and sent them back to me so I could see what they were pushing on the soilders. So After a very hectic late dinner (interupted 3 times leaving it to go to the shop and help customers) we got done and headed back tot he shop. I had Holly make a bowl. He looked at it and said "what the Hell I survived Iraq how bad can this be?" Well after the first hit he was like " Wow this is smooth, now I understand why they like it". Before we knew it we were still watching Tv in the vip room at 4am. Needless to say Josh said "Dude you have to sell me one of these. I will even pay Retail".

So this is yet another person (or 2) brought to Hookah. His roommate will be in town in a week and is interested in trying hookah too. Bringing new people to the Hookah experience is always nice but this one was specail because we got to introduce the hookah to a special friend. Now we just need to get him in here next to chat.

have a great day.

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