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Default Re: KM Vs Syrian (Nour) Thread

Originally Posted by texag15 View Post
When you all say Syrians are superior, do you mean the craftsmanship or the quality of the smoke or both?
In my personal opinion craftsmanship. Quality of smoke is based on personal opinion. Don't get me wrong I use KM's at the lounge since these hookahs are more work friendly. I have read that many people put the KM's have a easier draw than the Nours or Syrians in general but I really do not notice a big difference. I have found that some KM's stems go lower than others in the vase meaning the shorter ones I have to fill more with water. As far as smoke quality goes the KM has a bigger gauge but the Nours pull just as good

My Nour setup excuss my table mess we were playing beer pong last night

Nour Syrian Hookah
Tangiers Phunnel bowl
KM Hose
Exo, Coco, and CH coals

The Hookah Lounge (KMs)

There are too many Nakhla DA fans =/
Wheres my Nakhla Esk apple fans...
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