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Default Re: KM Vs Syrian (Nour) Thread

Originally Posted by Buddhizzle View Post
mostly craftsmanship - the step is heavy and extremely well made. I've never heard of Nours having bad welds or wearing out in any way. As far as smoke, unless you smoke both kinds frequently you wont notice much of a difference, though I've always felt an easier pull of my nour than my friends double pear KM
There are two points I would like to comment on this;

1. You hear less about faults in nour craftsmanship for more than one reason, one reason you may not have realized is simply because there are less nour owners than there are KM owners.

2. This generalization may not be fair to make, but I m going to go ahead and make it. Nours tend to be owned by more experienced smokers and so if there is a fault or a problem they don't need to post about it to get it resolved. Seems like all the newbies go and get KMs because they do get more hype, be it deserved or not. (We all know where I stand.)

I would like to point out that the first nour I ordered was a dud, cracked stem and tray wobbled. This error was from production, not shipping.

^_^ Just some stuff to keep in mind.
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