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Default Re: Anyone use Saharah stuff?

Originally Posted by Kwikwi View Post
Actually I think he has a very valid point. It doesn't just apply to rigs. There are times, and I am guilty of it myself, people will get very aggressive in bashing products. I did for a long time bash Al Fakher mercilessly. And I still deal with the Tangiers haters, Lol jk Dunk. But there are times when it goes overboard and the worst is from people who have never even used the products in question. It's one thing to say you personally dont like the item/s it's another to rag on it till it's dead.

The point I was making that people aren't nessecarily bashing, or hating on anything. I've never experienced anything of the sort on this forum. People have their opinions, sometimes they are pretty strong, but I've never known anyone to go out of their way to discredit a particular product or service. The worst I've heard is someone really not liking a particular flavor of Tobacco. But then again, people tend to rag on Chinese hookahs a lot.
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