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Default Re: AF Hookah Question

I just picked up the 36 inch locally for 85 bucks (no im not kidding) and first off it is a thing of beauty. VERY nice pipe, solid brass stem, the vase is really well made (no bubbles, very stable etc). I also have a KM Zahirah that was pretty much designed to go in a boho vase which has a shorter neck (by 2 inches) than the big egyptian one that it came with and I was concerned by the lack of stem depth untill I smoked it and realized that even with 2 inches taken off the intended depth it smokes just as well as my 36" amoura which has a longer downstem.

In fact I noticed right away that the AF stem hits in the same spot that the Zahirah does in the egyptian vase.

Haven't smoked the AF yet, but I'm sure it's fine and just like my zahirah makes no noticable negative impact on session quality. I don't understand what people are freaking out about.

As far as deciding between the two sizes....the 30" is beautiful but the 36 is MAJESTIC...for reals.
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