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Talking Pixelz Shout outs

I wanted to write a little something to some individuals on here that have really influenced me in Hookah and really have made a positive impact on my life.

Photolinger, This might sound weird but your like another father figure in my life for as much as a forum father could be I suppose. You've always been a very informative person, not only that but watching my back on hookahpro and making sure I was ok in my personal life.
Your videos have always been a go to for me, to learn and gain a more in depth appreciation for hookah and the culture behind it. I really appreciate your input and knowledge, You have been a very positive influence on my life, Thank You.

Dunkel, one of my favorite mods, Your kind and are always looking out for others well being and making sure things stay positive on the forums. I'm a guilty bug of a bit of negetivity, but your right, this is a welcoming forum and I hope others can see that as well. You've been a great mod as well as a friend. Thank You

Ninorey123, One of my secret lovers, hahaha jk jk, your videos, how few they may be, were on of my firsts videos and definately made me try new things. Plus who can ever forget the classic CLUSTERFUCK. Your a great friend and a positive influence on this forum. Thank You.

Sambooka, the father of, before I even knew this site existed I watched your videos on Youtube, learned more about hookah then I thought possible, making this site has been more than helpfull for me and I hope everyone appreciates your efforts. Thank You.

and last but certainly not least.

Chrisicool, the love of my life, even before I learned more about you, you were always a positive person on a newcomer learning more and more about hookah and coming up with amazing ideas. Greating every new person who comes into the forums as well as being encouraging. Becoming my best friend and my lover. I never thought I'd ever find someone as special as you. And Hookah brought us together.
As well as learning new things about hookahs from experience, packing bowls and smoking together, I've learned more than just Hookah KNowledge but about friendship and love. Thank You.

I encourage everyone to give shout outs to the special people on this is an encouraging forum, and letting people know they are appreciated is something we should all do. Maybe it would make the world a little bit happier.

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