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Default Re: Desi Merli Rules!

Originally Posted by Hookah1 View Post
Hi guys,

thanks for all of the positive feedback. My family has dealt with the family who produces Desi Murli for years now. We are the only group outside of India who has access (in India, the product is available to those who "know"). The product is produced at a small family plantation that has been around for around 150 years.

The flavored stuff came about as an accident. In short, when I was in India, a little over a year ago, we met and smoked some of their plain stuff. After a bit, I suggested we try some flavors, the youngest son reluctantly agreed to experiment with me. Anyway, all of the flavors have been an experiment where we have been figuring it out as we go along.

If you have suggestions, let me know and I will see what can be done. I am glad that this little experiment is being appreciated. I want to thank all of you and especially Hookahpro, because if not for you guys, this product would be enjoyed by only a handful of us.


First of all, thanks for chiming in Kamal. We always encourage vendor
participation in the discussions.But most important, thanks for taking the risk and carrying this product. While Desi Murli will clearly not appeal to many fans of contemporary moassels, this product has a small (and growing) fanbase among those of us who enjoy the more traditional tobaccos.CHEERS!
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